Minggu, 03 April 2016

How It's Made, Man Cave Edition

on how its made men
traces its roots back more than a thousand years tonight century China
generations young and old lay down their hand in a variety of games chess unique
as the traditional  card deck is timeless no man cave is complete without
a set of features makes these play cards durable and shooter proof and told them
to level the current stock this prevents the cardboard from drying out and work
hard towards temperature and humidity by inserting a flood-prone from the top of
the three thousand she's stack
construction makes the playing cards impossible to see through before making
printing place a technician checks the artwork for the day then prints at a
lower resolution sample to confirm this sequence in labor there's absolutely no
room for error so she carefully double checks every card for suit sequence
sticker confirms these cards are good for print epistemic in digital this
printers internal laser heat transfer students of color oils into tears fill
these done perfectly reproduced the content and color of his car
next the laminating machine funds the exposed films onto a sheet of the scene
cardboard used to make the cards inspired is a predator proof showing
exactly what the finished playing cards will look like
adding color and a touch of class wherever needed
computer guided laser etched design into the polymer surface of the Persian place
entirely automated machine produces  plates an hour
for several chances to take science ducked the three other colors set up the
printing press gets rolling each family  to the press transfer the ink onto
the plate which then transferred onto a rubber black Prince's against the pass
and cardboard as it moves through the press and the end of the machine to
printed sheet is flat and instead the press this time of sight
through cutting machine called the compy for obtaining blades divide the shoot
and columns cars
index then the decades into what they call the corner installation
and in one fell swoop four corners
the robotic arm each text onto a conveyor destined for the sello rapper
cellophane real downwards well enough and cuts the film
are two cents in steals the film which forms an envelope with a simple the Red
Terror stripper moves the rapper
is the standard for games such as poker playing cards of Spanish cards for
example has no number
the kitchen by the real deal on the table is the convenient solution two
centuries ago they were made of felt and placed on the rim of the glass to keep
out flies they spread germs so the cardboard coaster we use today was
invented to improve hygiene at the bar codes to protect the table and also a
marketing tool raise the class and advertising catchphrases and promotional
graphics in facts and Barbara's consider coasters published and accumulate vast
Germany starts with sprucewood in this case it's from the black farmers by
they sprayed with water to moisten the bar into a term for the Tar Heels off
exit onto a conveyor with sauce to correctly oriented for entry into a
simple under
pressed against the branding student shredding chips on the ground but were
then mixed into a max consistency from previous beer coaster production to
to make the middle layer coasters from the water some lighter colors for the
printable surfaces of the beer
pretty the PowerPoint greens water from the fibers in the layers of the lighter
supply mix them starts and water that acts as a group between the layers
the pump or travels between cylinders to squeeze out the moisture into large
poster printing and cutting machine
enslaved way her artwork on the wood pulp board they use offset printing I'll
try to get involved or reviving cylinders for printing cylinders from
there the image goes Tom rubber rafts filmed that then printed onto the sheets
the print job with a magnifying glass
checks the color and clarity of the images and complete their correctly
positioned on the sheet lined up with a grade of blades on the die cutting
machinery she would be ruined by color punches out the coasters
posters and a little while they're ready for packaging the stacks ever ready for
the thirsty masses everyday should there to be no shortage of cocktail hour
cruise to choosing a centuries old technology known as letterpress
down into the machine
process each coaster against a game played its new system that those treats
the image on the card for a different shooting both see and feel breast
reductions lower volume than offset generally , coasters per day
the design possibilities are endless
just raising and enjoy
in the nineteen twenties
forestry industry it was only a matter of time before some creative lumberjacks
started using the chainsaw like the sculptors chisel or painter's brush
these chainsaw schoolteachers run the gamut from cartoon like characters too
realistic reproductions of wildlife this artistic endeavor does come with
significant risk one wrong move with the chainsaw can cause serious injury or
worse at the request of landowners and governments this particular lager artist
cuts down bug wood pine trees killed by mountain pine beetles brandishing the
chainsaw with a  inch blade will transform this log into a turkey the
first cut forums are higher back which will eventually become the tail feathers
and cut establishes the top of the head then he cuts away would in between to
begin shaping the body
from the front to begin planning the turkeys beard and dressed then he
removes would fantasize to shape the way as this is a turkey in a struggling
posed to Windsor thrusting downward after shaping their breasts further and
carving the seat he put down the chain saw a pencil and outlines  outsiders
cars his lines with a chainsaw he also cars the outlines of the feathers
located under the tail feathers then using the chips were so lightly he makes
delicate lines inside he's further shape now complete
he begins working on the finer details such as sculpting each wing feather many
carbs and even finer details with a die grinder but cool which takes
interchangeable this music on shape carpenter keystones sanding disc
proportion of breast in a small wheel to curb the lower breast tenderness
now he tackles the stuff that flap of skin over the church's peak makes it
curved rather than change treaty to make a turkey look as though it's moving to
create the eyes he rigged up himself by attaching modified to add a grounder the
eyes are the artistic turning point
day and the first hand expression it again
BRT shape soft wood underneath ti's so they'll protrudes somewhat variety of
bit he does some touch ups on the snow and scarves the sack of skin under the
turkey's next school again but this time to brand a little circles on the skin
sac to give it a realistic texture
now complete the burning begins using the small gas storage
scorches the wood the raised it becomes darker than your recess they're giving
the feathers contrast and death
the last episode finer detail texture he attaches the soft wire brush to a drill
and smooths out the tips of the fingers he coached the finished carving in a
sealer a homemade concoction of equal parts mineral spirits heavy-duty marine
varnish and boiled linseed oil just sealer gives the surface a rich semi
gloss luster but more importantly it protects the wood against the elements
which is critical given the trees are usually displayed outdoors and sealant
is the key to the longevity of these carvings it forms a suit of armor
against precipitation and the sun's ultraviolet rays hit the ceiling is an
airtight shield it still hurts the Woodbury which is critical for
preventing mold growth
it's also flexible building within a natural expansion and contraction of the
word and inflexible sale and would crack letting water seepage there's durable
protective finish makes the chainsaw carved statue not only is keeping peace
but also an investment piece Stein is a beer mug with a hint that you open and
close according to some historians after the bubonic plague swept Europe in the
 some municipalities the neck and sanitation loss and Germany food and
beverage containers were required to have coverage to keep out insects
traditional German beer steins with ornate surrounding bodies and pewter
lives are functional works of art the words short for a German word meaning
stoneware begins in the casting department with a plaster mold its
capital of the shape and design of the steins body they pour in liquid clay
worried about two hours until it thickens then whenever liquid remains
after testing the consistency of what still its size they gingerly
disassembled revealing body the motors transferred all the internet detail to
the place
certain shapes they get better results using solid color they need to interrupt
inside a plaster mold
poll worker troops wait until the Xi'an for  minutes they disassembled the
sections to extract the casting for liquid or solid
each time he goes on to play for some refining the potter remove seems that
form for the most sections trips and smooths out the red using somewhat
players in it he attached to is made entirely of glass factory shapes it
either in or with a guy in a press based at the bottom was to marks made in
Germany company parade
the color and process begins for ceramics first too watery could have the
background color all over around the reliefs to accentuate the country's
milky glazed over this time
body inside announced this is mainly of sodium silicate minerals that turned
into transferring place under high heat this will strengthen and waterproof to
stoneware beneath dozens of style bodies until another , degrees Fahrenheit
for  hours this hardens the clay turns the colors fibers and transforms the
glaze into a protective glass coating cooling period the true artistry
weekends but skilled painter embellish his the design with colorful enamel
too attached

Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

Habis Amarilis terbitlah eceng

Sekian Banyak disaat dulu pembeli fasilitas sosial dibuat kesal atas unggahan photo taman bunga Amarilis yg rusak parah akibat terinjak-injak oleh visitor. Para visitor sengaja datang berwisata ke taman bunga Amarilis yg berlokasi di Patuk, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, itu cuma utk berfoto di antara keindahan bunga-bunga. 

Tetapi sayang, niatnya tersebut malah merusak tanaman yg mempunyai lahan seluas 2.350 m persegi itu. Pemilik taman bunga Amarilis, Sukadi mengaku membutuhkan budget atas kerusakan tersebut. 

"Sumbangan seikhlasnya saja. Aku mau perbaiki thn depan agar tak rusak lagi," kata Sukadi pada merdeka.com, Pekan (29/11). 

Sesudah taman bunga Amarilis rusak, sekarang ini penduduk Yogyakarta memiliki ruang wisata taman bunga baru merupakan bunga eceng gondok. Taman bunga yg terletak di Karangasem, Palbapang, Bantul, Yogyakarta itu jadi ruang idola buat dikunjungi. Nyaris tiap-tiap hri taman bunga milik Karsono senantiasa dibanjiri visitor. 

Sebahagian gede dari mereka rela menempuh perjalanan satu sampai dua jam cuma utk berfoto dengan bunga eceng gondok. 

Salah satunya Hanifa (16), peserta didik salah satu SMA Negara di Sleman. Dirinya & dua temannya rela menempuh perjalanan dari Kab Sleman, berada di sudut utara Propinsi Yogyakarta, demi berfoto dgn bunga eceng gondok. 

"Naik motor. Ya pass jauh, nyaris satu jam perjalanan," kata Hanifa pada merdeka.com di sela-sela berfoto, di taman bunga eceng gondok, Selasa (15/12). 

Mulanya lahan berada di lahan seluas 200 m persegi ialah sawah. Tetapi sebab tanah telah tak subur lagi, Karsono membiarkan lahan tersebut demikian saja. 

"Dulu utk tanam padi, namun telah nggak subur & irigasinya tak jalan, menjadi aku biarkan saja. Tahu-tahu telah tidak sedikit eceng gondok. Masyarakat rata rata ambil eceng gondok utk pakan ternak," tutur Karsono. 

Bakal namun, bunga yg berwarna ungu menyerupai anggrek ini cuma tumbuh terhadap periode penghujan. 
Karsono mengemukakan bunga eceng gondok ini cuma mekar sewaktu dua pekan saja. Sesudah itu bunganya dapat hilang & baru dapat tumbuh th depan. 

"Memang ini musiman. Tentunya setahun ini sekali, tetapi kadang serta hingga dua kali setahun," tuturnya.